Cheap fitness subscriptions in Sirmione

The Sirmione Gold Fitness gym is available at affordable prices and fitness subscriptions designed to suit every need. Whatever your financial situation, we will have a plan to suit you so you can achieve the body you crave and stay in tip-top condition.
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You can choose the formula that best suits your needs from just € 24.90 per month for 24 months of fitness subscription.

Fitness Room : € 29.90
The Fitness Subscription for you with equipment built with integrated technology.

Vibrating Pedals: € 6.90
The foot and its vibrations have an important lymphatic effect, with a decrease in cellulite, adherence and a connective tissue reinforcement that allows for smoother skin

Full of Energy: € 6.90
During your workouts, re-energise at our dispenser, where you will find a vast assortment of isotonic drinks to unblock you.

Tanning Lamps: € 6.90
At our solarium you will find all the latest innovations for a natural and golden tan.

Fitness Subscriptions
Basic: € 29.90 - Always accessible room with state-of-the-art equipment
Silver: € 35.90 - Basic + 1 service of your choice
Gold: € 39.90 basic + all unlimited services

Special Subscriptions
Daily, all inclusive: € 9.90
Weekly, all inclusive: € 29.90
10 visits, all inclusive: € 59.90

Call us on +39 030 0944210 and choose your fitness membership!
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