Personal Trainer

Personal training in sirmione

Why choose a Personal Trainer?
Personal training means being guided by a professional, personal trainer who can make a difference: only a professional can help you find the right motivation and support you need. The Personal Trainer (also referred to as the personal trainer and conventionally indicated by the PT sign) is the professional figure responsible for individualising the physical exercise of those who are approaching or already doing physical activity to improve their health and fitness.
Another important area for personal trainer intervention is health education and the role of motivator in the practice of physical activity.



Paolo has trained since 1988 and has been a professional fighter for many years. Since 2001 he has helped clients prepare for Body Building competitions.
He trained for 10 years in Malaga (Spain) having the opportunity to learn new techniques and methodologies.
Nearly 2 years ago he came back to Italy to put the knowledge he had garnered into good use at our gym in his homeland.


He is a federal IFBB instructor and bodybuilder.
Thanks to his skills and experience he will lead you hand in the fitness world by helping you sculpt your body.
This discipline will help you get the body you always wanted.
Call us on +39 030 0944210 to book your personal training session today!
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