Fitness courses in Sirmione

In the Gold Fitness gym in Sirmione you can follow a variety of fitness courses that best reflect your needs and attitudes. You will find zumba, gyrokinesis, spinning and boxing. Come and find us or call us for more details and choose the most appropriate course for you.


When talking about Zumba we talk about a group music fitness course that uses the rhythms and movements of African-Caribbean music, combined with traditional aerobic movements.
Ideal for those who want to train themselves by having fun.


Gyrokinesis is a movement method that gently involves the whole body, opening the energetic channels and stimulating the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic system.
By increasing the spine and body movement range there is the creation of functional force through the rhythm of movement sequences.
This fitness course applies an original and unique methodology that has roots in Yoga, Tai Chi, gymnastics and dance.


The Pilates method, or more simply Pilates, is a training system that aims to strengthen the body, shape it, correct posture and improve fluidity and precision of movements.
It is a training system developed at the beginning of the twentieth century by Joseph Pilates and is still popular today.


Fitness training can also include Spinning, an aerobic training imported to Europe in 1995 from the United States consisting of a group work session on a stationary bike.
It is born as a preparation in closed spaces for road cycling and has a technical evolution thanks to its inventor Johnny G.


Boxing is one of the oldest and most famous combat sports.
At a competitive level, it takes place inside a squared space called the ring, between two athletes who face hitting the fists closed (protected by special gloves) in order to weaken and land the opponent. This sport is known as "the noble art" from the 18th century, requiring its practicing characteristics such as courage, strength, intelligence and speed.


This way of training is based on the exercise of exercises that can mimic the movements the body performs in the environment.
Functional workout, therefore, does not use complicated machinery as a result of the latest engineering discoveries, but is achieved by placing the body and its movement as the hub of exercises. Thanks to the involvement of many muscles at the same time, it also allows training to be reduced while achieving great results.
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